Solar panel production line

  • 20MW solar panel production line
20MW solar panel production line

20MW solar panel production line

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20MW solar panel production line(图1)

It is a complete solar panel prodcution line, base on turn-key solution . 

Production capacity : 20MW per year ( 1 working shift ) ~ 60 MW per year ( 3 working shift ).

Production speed : 24 pcs solar panel per hour depend on producing 365 w solar panel ( 72 cells solar panel ) .

Building space :  More than 1500 sqm ( Include office , do not include warehouse ).

Working people : More than 18 persons.

Power consumption : Maximum :200KW, Average : Less than 40KW .

Investment for machine : Around 200,000 USD.

Delivery time :  Less than 40 working days .

Service supply : Lay out desigh, Location installation, Location training, Location trial production. After service .

Equipment configuration

1, Solar panel laminator            More detial 

20MW solar panel production line(图2)     Video :

  2, Solar cell tester                      More detail

210 Solar cell tester GTM-3A.jpg     Video :

3, Solar module tester            More detail

20MW solar panel production line(图4)      Video :

4, EL tester                               More detail

20MW solar panel production line(图5)      Video :

5, Framing machine                  More detail

20MW solar panel production line(图6)    Video :

6, Soldering ribbon cutter            More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图7)      Video :

7, EVA, TPT automatic cutting machine       

20MW solar panel production line(图8)

Video :

8, EVA, TPT transfer carrier

9, Tabbing & string machine      More detail 

串焊机.jpg  Video :

10, Cell string shelf

11, Laying up station               More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图10)

Video :

13, Working table

14, Ready material carrier

15, Module transfer carrier

     Other apolegamy machines ( Depend on the type of solar panel and customers optional )

16, Laser scribing machine ( If produce smaller solar panel or produce half- cell solar panel ).      More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图11)    Video :

17, Gluing machine ( Easy to glue the junction box ).     More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图12)     Video:

18, Aluminum cutting machine and Aluminum punching machine . ( If want to produce solar panel aluminum framer from aluminum bar ) .    More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图13)        Video :

20MW solar panel production line(图14)     Video :

19, Air compressor . ( It is nomally compressor , But will be lower price from China ).     More detail 

20MW solar panel production line(图15)

You can Click each above equipments to check the specification detail .

This specification shall cover design, manufacture, shippingoversea installation,oversea training and oversea after service. This solar panel production line should have a production capacity of  20 MW/year considering 80% uptime and single shift of operation. It can get 60MW per year if running by 3 working shift .


1. General requirements of workshop: 1200- 2000 square meter.

Requirements in warehouse: The soldering room and EVA storehouse temperature, keep in 25 ℃.

2. Infrastructure:

(1) Power source: 3 phase 5 line, more than 50 KW;

(2) Water supply: little need.

(3) Air source: 100L / min compressed air;

(4) Environment: (enclosed, dust-proof, anti-skid, temperature);

(5) The main production site layout plans.

Solar panel produce program 

1. Preparation: Preparation of raw materials.

2.  Cutting material: EVA. TPT. soldering wire.

3. Soldering solar cell. By tabbing and string machine.

4. Laying up:Tabbing solar cell on the EVA and glass.

5. Laminating: Laminate EVA , Solar cell and back sheet also glass by the laminator..

6. Fix junction box: Trim edge of the extra EVA and fix junction box on the panel.

7. Testing: Test laminated solar panel by EL tester and solar module tester.

8. Quality tests: In the process of making other tests, IV curves of the test, and the appearance of high-voltage isolation.

9. Warehousing: Qualified storage products, goods failed to repair.

 The main raw materials

 ① Tempered glass

 ② Solar cells

 ③ EVA film

 ④ TPT sheet

 ⑤ Junction Box

 ⑥ Soldering ribbon.

 ⑦ Aluminum alloy frame

 ⑧ Silicon gel

 Soldering flux.

 ⑩ High temperature tape


We design the factory layout showing different machines for smooth production. The layout should show the all the machines including the store and office area in proposed layout plan.


We send engineer or technicians to buyer’s factory to install machine. All expenditure on travel, food, accommodation and transportation of our engineers/ technicians for installation will be borne by buyer. REOO company borne the salary of engineer/technicians.


We supply both overseas and local training to the engineers and technicians on operation and maintenance. buyer borne air tickets, lodging, food and training material .

Minimum 12 (twelve) months warranty of all products and services and guarantee for the spares and required maintenance or replacement support are to be provided . Buyer borne the cost of the material for parts of maintenance.

Payment Terms:

40% of the contract value be pay by T/T advanced.

60%  before shipment.

Delivery time:

30 days after received the advance payment.


We borne insurance of goods under contract from the time these are loaded on board the ship.

Taxes and Duties:

Buyer shall pay all taxes and duties, payable under government laws, for all goods and materials imported under the contract into any port .


All the equipment, tools, accessories and goods be suitably packed. All packages are liable to be opened for customs examination and packing shall therefore be designed to facilitate opening and repacking thereafter. Each package shall have the shipment information printed on it in bold letters.


Operational and maintenance manuals of all equipment is in English, along with a soft copy in a CD (compatible version: MS Word/ PDF).

Backup spares:

We supply essential backup sparesitems beyond warranty periods, buyer borne the cost.

Raw material:  

We supply all the material for production solar panel from China for trial production and formal production, buyer pay for the cost.

Power consume: 

The total consume for electricity power: 80 KW, 3 Phase , 5 line .

Guarantee and after -sale service:

One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumable..

24 hours technical support by E-mail, Skype or QQ..

Calling or door-to-door service

Ues-friendly English software, user manual and detailed Video/CD.

20MW solar panel production line(图16)

20MW solar panel production line(图17)

20MW solar panel production line(图18)

20MW solar panel production line(图19)

20MW solar panel production line(图20)

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