Solar panel machines

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Unloading machine

Unloading machine

The equipment It is connected with the transmission unit into a line, and the entire line is automatically controlled for production.

Technical Specification

1, Solar Panel Minimum size 1640X980X50 (35) mm;

2, Solar Panel maximum size 2500X1400X50 (35) mm

3, Source of compressed air cylinders volume: air Source: 0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa;

4Compatible with a maximum weight:12Kg

5,  Voltage:AC 380V 3-phase 5-wire 50HZ/60HZ

6,  Rated power:2kw

7,  Air consumption:100L/min

8, The maximum weight of a single device:1200kg

9, Noise:<72db

Features of the machine:

Fully automatic control of the equipment, no human intervention is required during operation

The conveying is stable and in place accurately; the components will not vibrate, offset or dislocate during the transfer process, and will not cause scratches and damages on the surface of the components

Linear guide guide adjustment, accurate and stable

The sensors at each station work reliably, the system has good interlocking and fault-tolerant performance, and each process has a fault-proof device.

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