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EL tester

Electroluminescent inspection for detect solar panel before laminating and after laminating.

To check solar panel of secluded split, cracked cell, rosin joint, wire break and other defects.

Can testing module: 2500mm x 1400mm or 2200 x 1200mm. Depend on customer needs .

Maximum current: 10AMaximum voltage: 60V

IncludeCabinetInclude infrared camera+ Computer + Software

Pixel: 24 million

Time of exposure0.1 S-25.5 S Adjustable

Power:  220V 10A or customize.

Working environment temperature 10 - 30 ℃ 

Humidity: 20 - 70%

Main function of characteristics:

By using images can find: material other defects. the sides of the pneumatic feeding short, art and craft contamination

Testing fast and convenience was longtime 1s - 25s  adjustable

Power consume : 0.5 KW

Compressor air : 0.6 Mpa, 10L / min.

Guarantee and after -sale service

One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumable..

24 hours technical support by E-mail, Skype or QQ..

Calling or door-to-door service

Ues-friendly English software, user manual and detailed Video/CD.

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EL tester(图1)

EL tester(图1)

EL tester(图2)

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