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  • Automatic tape sticking machine
Automatic tape sticking machine

Automatic tape sticking machine

1. Function

The automatic adhesive tape between the cell strings is realized. When the number of adhesive

tapes is pasted, the speed fast, replacing the manual labor greatly and improves the working efficiency, and

the adhesive position is accurately, without causing secondary damage to the battery.

2.Technical Indicators

ITEM Specification

Working voltage AC220V,3 Phase 5 Lines,50/60Hz

Rated power 4KW

Working air pressure 0.6‐0.8MPa

Average Air Consumption ≥220L/min

Tape Types

L≥15mm‐25mm W≥5mm 3Muv‐1Applicable

3V‐1 standard hardness tape

Tape width

Applicable for adhesive tape width of 5‐10mm

Driving Mode Synchronous belt

Control mode PLC+HMI+Servo control

Manipulator repeated positioning



Adhesive accuracy ±1.5mm

Module Size Length(1630‐2500mm)×Width (950‐1400mm)


22SThe number of adhesive tape is different, and

the beat is different))

Overall Dimensions 3360*2160*1840(L*W*H)

Total Weight About 2000kg

The scissors can be changed within 5 minutes. After replacement, the scissors can be used


3. Set multiple sticking head, adapt to different type, strong compatibility; Special cutting device, tape

applicability is wider, not easy to stick knife;

The patented press device can not only achieve the stability of sticking, but also not easily cause the

crack and damage of the battery.

The steel frame structure prevents the tape head from shaking in the high speed operation.

Reasonable configuration of slide track, quick change of glass, convenient for customers to switch


4. Safety precautions

Paste installation and warning labels;

Set the emergency button, when an emergency occurs, the operator can press it in time to realize the

emergency shutdown;

The three‐color alarm lamp accurately provides the operating status of the equipment and provides the

operator with timely and accurate alarm information;

It is equipped with safety guardrail and safety light screen to ensure the safety of personnel during

operation and material replacement;

When air source, vacuum and sensor are abnormal, visual and audio alarm can be realized.

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