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Solar module tester

Solar module tester


Key Indicators:

Maximum measurable solar cell module size: 2600 mm * 1400 mm

Light source: The imported long arc pulse xenon lamp, the minimum life in the 100ms mode: 80,000

times; the average life is more than 150,000 ~200,000 times under the continuous 10ms mode. The

single source with the non‐xenon lamp coupling problem

Irradiance range: 700‐1200w /㎡

Spectral range: 300nm~1200nm (Grade A+)

Long‐term irradiance instability: < 1% (Grade A+)

Spectral matching degree: 0.875~1.125 (Grade A+)

Irradiance nonuniformity: < 1% (Grade A+)

Calculation formula: 【(Iscmax‐Iscmin) / (Iscmax+Iscmin)×100%】

Repeatability precision: The same solar cell module is tested for 50 times continuously:≤0.15%

Under the STC condition, the same solar cell module is tested for 1000 times continuously:

< 0.3%

Calculation formula: 【(Iscmax‐Iscmin) / (Iscmax+Iscmin)×100%】

Intelligent load technology: In addi

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