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  • EVA /Bachsheet cutting station
EVA /Bachsheet cutting station

EVA /Bachsheet cutting station

EVA /Bachsheet cutting station(图1)    EVA /Bachsheet cutting station(图2)     EVA /Bachsheet cutting station(图3)

Used to cut EVA and Back sheet into designed size for solar module manufacturing..

With Electric knife and pneumatic punching system.

Material:  Aluminum alloy.

Device characteristics: 

1, It can cut EVA and TPT for ,maximum 300 Wp solar panel.

2, Electrical cutter, High speed.

3, Easy to adjust the size.

4, Dimensions: 2400mm * 1300mm * 1600mm

5, Weight : 80Kg.

We can customized make it according customer’s special need power supply : 1 KW single phase.

Guarantee and after -sale service

One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumable..

24 hours technical support by E-mail, Skype or QQ..

Calling or door-to-door service

Friendly English software, user manual and detailed Video/CD.

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