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  • Full automatic solar panel laminator
Full automatic solar panel laminator

Full automatic solar panel laminator

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Specification detail :

USE : As the equipment of manufacturing solar module limited to laminate glass, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheet), solar cell and back sheetDimension : 14600mmx2460mmx1300mm  Laminating area: 3600mm x 2200mm.  Laminating height: 25mmTotal power consumption: 75 KW ( AC380V, 60 Hz, or according to customer's nee)  Air source: 0.6 - 1.0 MPa.

Operating mode: Manual / Automatic.

Control system :  PLC ( Delta). HIM system: Touch screen ( Delta)Heating mode: Oil Heating ( SD320 heat conducting oil, capacity: 170 L, flow pressure:0.3 Mpa.), include: main heating and adjustable heating.Temperature control: PID intelligent temperature control system.Temperature uniformity in working area: ≤ ±1.5 ℃Temperature control accuracy:≤± 1 ℃.Temperature control range: 30℃ - 180 ℃Pumping rate:  70 L/s .Laminating time: 2 - 4 min ( excluding solidification time )Heating rate: 140℃ at room temperature with 50 to 60 minutes Vacuum rate: 200 L / S, the limit vacuum 70 ~ 90 Pa, Vacuum time: 90 seconds Silicone membrane size: 3800mm * 2400mm, 5 mm thickness. The laminating times more than 5000 times.Quick replace silicon membrane design.

Lid opening: Straight from the hydraulic, the biggest opening height: 200 mm Total weight: 15.8 TProduction capacity:Conventional 260 Wp (1950*992) solar module, 4 pcs in a cycle time. 

Production Capacity: 

260 WP * 4 pieces / time * 3 time / h * 8 hours * 300 days=7.48 MWp / year. ( Single shift )

Warranty period: 12 months.   (Exclusive easily damaged parts) . Our company supply service for lifetime.

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Operation of solar panel aminator

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