Solar panel machines

  • Grinding machine
Grinding machine

Grinding machine

The equipment can grinding solar module uniformly without burrs and sharp corners

Technical Specification

1, Solar Panel Minimum size 1650X990X50 (35) mm;

2, Solar Panel maximum size 2650X1650X50 (35) mm

3Compatible with a maximum weight:50Kg

 5,Voltage:AC 380V 3-phase 5-wire 50HZ/60HZ

 6,Rated power:5.5kw

 7, Air consumption:60L/min

 8, The maximum weight of a single device:650kg


Features of the machine:

The aluminum chip dust box has a large space and can be collectedHigh belt life

Broken belt design detection mechanism, can automatically alarm

The equipment operation interface is simple and easy to understand

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