Solar panel machines

  • Gel injection machine
Gel injection machine

Gel injection machine

The equipment can meet the requirements of single unit, split junction box, and full coverage of glue filling range

Technical Specification

1, Solar Panel Minimum size 1650X990X50 (35) mm;

2, Solar Panel maximum size 2500X1400X50 (35) mm

3, Source of compressed air cylinders volume: air Source: 0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa;

4Compatible with a maximum weight: 50Kg

5,Voltage:AC 380V 3-phase 5-wire 50HZ/60HZ

6,Rated power:1.5kw

7, Air consumption:14L/min

8, The maximum weight of a single device: 800kg

9,Noise: <72db

Features of the machine:

The whole machine has safety protection, safe and reliable

The equipment is small in size and occupies a small space

Equipment operation surface is simple, convenient and reliable

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