250,000 Euros! The world's First Solar Car Officially Put into Production

According to reports, Lightyear, a Finnish solar electric vehicle startup company, said that the company has begun production of the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle that directly uses sunlight to generate electricity. The model "Lightyear 0" has a price tag of 250,000 euros and has received about 150 reservation orders.

About 1,000 “Lightyear 0” are planned to be produced at the Valmet Automotive Oyj car plant in Finland, Lightyear CEO and co-founder Lex Hoefsloot said. It will start at the rate of producing one vehicle per week, and gradually increase to five vehicles per week in the second half of next year.

IT House has previously reported that according to the test drive conducted by electrek, Lightyear0 is equipped with 782 IBC monocrystalline silicon solar cells on the outside, which are divided into 28 different independent groups, covering a total of 5 square meters of solar panels.

According to reports, Lightyear 0 provided about 43 kilometers of range on the first day of solar-powered driving alone, and it was a cloudy day. During a four-hour drive by a small group, about a third of the range came from solar power, and only 20 percent of the vehicle's battery was used.




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