Recent Price of solar panel and raw material

Silicon material

Silicon material prices continue to rise, silicon material enterprises have signed after market orders.Downstream began to actively inquire and discuss orders. According to the overall volume of transaction orders, the market demand for silicon materials did not decrease in February, and the transaction price increased slightly, with an increase of about 0.31USD/kg.At present, the average price of single crystal materials is raised to about 14.26USD/kg, and the mainstream price of single crystal materials is raised to 15-14.37 USD/kg.In terms of polycrystalline materials, the overall offer stabilized, with no obvious fluctuation in demand. The mainstream offer was 54-60 yuan /kg, and the average price remained stable at 57 yuan /kg.Due to the tight supply of silicon materials, the bargaining space of silicon materials expands, and the demand for overseas single crystal materials continues to improve. At present, the average price of silicon materials in the overseas market reaches $10.404 /kg, and the average price of silicon materials in the world reaches $11.387 /kg.According to the observation of the production operation and shipment of silicon material, the domestic silicon material supply chain volume continued to increase in January 2021 compared with that in December last year. After the maintenance and resumption of production of Yongxiang Co., Ltd., Ordos, Inner Mongolia Gudongli and other enterprises, the monthly output increased steadily.The overall monthly domestic output is about 36,000 tons.With the new production capacity of downstream silicon wafer enterprises landing one after another, the stimulation of stocking up during the Spring Festival holiday is more obvious, and the pressure of logistics is increasing, which also supports the silicon material orders, or pushes some silicon material orders to continue the slight upward trend.

Solar cell wafer

Wafer price overall stable, G1 wafer demand heat continues.Monocrystalline silicon wafer large companies announced in January silicon wafer pricing remains unchanged, most of the market enterprises have followed, the overall silicon wafer quotation held steady, the overall demand for the weakening of the market silicon wafer prices are still within a controllable range.In terms of mono-crystalline silicon wafers, the demand for downstream G1 products has not weakened recently, which has been transmitted to the whole supply chain, making the price of G1 wafers continue to be strong. The average price of G1 wafers at home and abroad remains stable at $0.425 / wafer.

At present, the production and sales of M6/M10/G12 size monocrystalline silicon wafers are balanced, and the price continues to be stable, among which the average price of M6 wafer is 0.50 USD/wafer, the average price of M10 wafer is 0.59 RMB/wafer, and the average price of G12 wafer is 0.85 RMB/wafer.However, in the face of the current situation of silicon material slowly repair, plus solar cell except for the size of the G1 demand, the overall market even a little demand trend.In terms of polysilicon wafers, the overall market supply and demand are stable for the time being, and the price is expected to remain stable in the short term. At present, the average price of polysilicon wafers at home and abroad is maintained to $0.193 / wafer.

Solar cell

Solar cell prices fluctuated slightly, M6/M10/G12 size battery prices fell. Major cell companies announced the cell price in F


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