HIT solar cell

Due to its high photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent performance and high prospect of affordable Internet access, HIT solarcells have been recognized by the industry as the ultimate solution for future solar cell technology, and have been called a candidate technology for the next generation of commercial photovoltaic production.

Since PERC cannot upgrade to HIT, the solar cell factory will open up a new round of investment. 

HIT cells are already in the initial stage of industrialization, and it is expected that about 4-7GW of HIT solar cell production lines will be put into operation in China by 2020.

The four major process steps of HIT are "lint making cleaning, amorphous silicon film deposition, TCO preparation, electrode preparation", and the corresponding equipment are respectively the cleaning and lint making equipment, CVD equipment (PECVD mainly, less HWCVD), PVD/RPD equipment, screen printing equipment.


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