POE film for encapsulating double - sided solar panel

POE film for encapsulating solar panel

The development of N-type solar cell and the double-sidedness of P-type cell.

Solar panel trends: double-sided double glass, double-sided transparent single glass, double-sided battery single-sided single glass.

2 Double-sided double-glass solar panel solution.

2.1 New requirements for double-sided solar module encapsulation are resistant to PID.

Because the Na + precipitated on the back glass attacked the AlOx layer of the cell. The structural design of the P-type double-sided cell will cause the risk of new PID attenuation on the back. POE film has excellent water vapor and ion barrier capabilities, can solve the PID problem of double-sided double glass components for a long time, and provides excellent packaging reliability for double glass components.

2.2 Stress and bonding of double-sided double glass

2.3 Encapsulation of double-sided double glass components: maintain peel strength.

2.4 Summary of double-sided double glass encapsulation: POE is still the best encapsulation choice.

3 Encapsulation of double-sided single glass components

3.1 Encapsulation of double-sided single glass components: white EVA and conventional backplane

Double-sided cell: More light reflection gain through the battery sheet can directly generate electricity, and white EVA can achieve more benefits.

3.2 Encapsulation options for double-sided single glass components: transparent adhesive film and transparent backplane

For double-sided batteries, the transparent backsheet can reduce the PID factor of the double-sided batteries and at the same time have a fluorine coating UV absorption.

For the same anti-PID and water vapor invasion requirements of double-sided cell, the ecapsulation structure of glass / EVA / battery / POE / transparent backplane is also recommended; the back layer must have: anti-PID, UV barrier, and moisture barrier functions;

From the component PID test of the transparent backplane, it can be seen that the transparent backplane is used in combination with POE, which shows excellent PID resistance.

In the double-glass encapsulation of double-sided cells, POE is currently the best solution to integrate PID resistance, water vapor solar module, and long-term weather resistance; PID, lamination stress control, and adhesion strength maintenance are important concerns in the manufacture of double-glass components.

The conventional single-glass module of the double-sided solar module. The modified white EVA on the back of the module can effectively enhance the front output power of the module. The transparent backplane is an economical choice for double-sided power generation.


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