Junction Box Failure Risk, the Most Important among Solar Module Reliability Risks

In recent years, with the continuous reduction of the cost of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power generation has gradually become the main energy source in the new power system. Module products are the core power generation equipment of photovoltaic power stations. Its safety and reliability will directly affect the long-term stable operation of the power station and even the new power system.

Junction box-5.jpg

There are various factors that affect the risk of module reliability. Among them, the junction box installed on the back of the module plays an important role in current output and bypass. Its quality reliability is the top priority. Throughout the current terminal market, junction box failures and burnouts have become the number one hazard affecting power station safety and power generation.

The common quality problems of the junction box mainly include the hot spot problem caused by the false soldering of the bus bar lead-out wire, the diode failure or breakdown, the loose connection of the cable or poor crimp quality. These can cause resistive heating effects and even fires, connector cracking or corrosion, etc.

Therefore, the seemingly inconspicuous junction box on the back of the module is related to the reliability risk of the module. A high-quality module must be guaranteed by a junction box with reliable materials, reasonable design and high safety factor.


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