Tips on Solar Panel or Module

What is solar panel ?

1. With encapsulation and internal connection.

2. Can provide DC output separately.

3. It is a combination device with smallest indivisible photovoltaic cells.

Why do you need to make modules? Can't the cells be used directly?

Poly solar cell 3.jpg

  1. The electrode is exposed to the air and is easily oxidized.

  2. The power of a mono crystalline silicon cell is low, and the voltage is only about 0.5v.

  3. If the thickness is too thin, it is easy to break and difficult to carry.

  4. The weather resistance is poor, and the cells decay quickly.

Module classification

1. Classification by type of solar cells


Crystalline silicon (mono and poly crystalline silicon) solar photovoltaic modules
 Amorphous silicon.jpg

Amorphous silicon thin film solar photovoltaic modules

Gallium arsenide photovoltaic modules.png

 Gallium arsenide photovoltaic modules, etc.

2. Classification by packaging materials and processes
 Epoxy resin encapsulated solar panel
 Laminated encapsulated cell modules

3. Classification according to different uses

Ordinary solar photovoltaic modules
Building integrated 
solar photovoltaic module (BIPV)


Among them, building integrated solar photovoltaic modules are divided into single-sided glass transparent photovoltaic modules, double-sided laminated glass photovoltaic modules and double-sided hollow glass photovoltaic modules.


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