Solar Module Prices Fell Slightly in March and Price Differentiation Widened

Silicon price

The activity of purchasing silicon materials remains relatively positive. The mainstream transaction price range of dense block materials is temporarily maintained in the range of 30.9-33.8 USD per kilogram. The level of high-price transactions has gradually declined, but the level of low-price transactions has not declined significantly as of this period.

It is expected that the demand for silicon will continue to rise month-on-month in March, but in terms of spot supply and current silicon inventory levels, meeting the demand for silicon wafer production is no longer the core contradiction. And meeting the demand for high-quality silicon wafers may also become a new hot spot starting in the second quarter.

Silicon wafer price

Prices of monocrystalline silicon wafers of various specifications remained stable. The supply capacity of 182mm and 210mm specifications is gradually increasing. It is expected that there will be a more obvious increase in mid-March, and the price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is expected to continue to maintain a stable trend.

Solar cell price

The price of solar cells continued to decline last week, but this week the price decline of solar cells narrowed slowly. The mainstream transaction price of M10/G12 size is around 0.159-0.160 USD per watt.

As for the price of N-type cells, although the price of PERC cells has been lowered, the price of N-type cells remains the same as last week. The current price of TOPCon/M10 size cells is 0.173-0.177 USD per watt. The current price of HJT/G12 size cells is about 0.191-0.235 USD per watt.

Solar module price

Compared with February, the demand in March is expected to show a slight increase, and new orders will be executed in small quantities this week. However, the price range of the implementation modules is still widening this week. Module manufacturers are severely differentiated, and the prices of first-tier brands are still on a slight upward trend. Among them, the price of 500W+ solar module is about 0.26-0.262 USD per watt, and there are even prices above 0.265 USD. There are also lower prices around 0.25 USD per watt. However, the second and third tier manufacturers seize the market with slightly lower prices, and the price is about 0.253-0.257 USD per watt.

In terms of N-type module prices, the price of HJT module (G12) has remained stable this week at around 0.26-0.27 USD per watt. The price of TOPCon module (M10) is about 0.235-0.24 USD per watt.





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