Green and Low Carbon is No Longer an Option, But a Must

Zhu Gongshan, chairman of the Global Green Energy Council, was invited to attend the "2022 China Business News Capital Annual Conference" and delivered a keynote speech, pointing the way for the green and high-quality development of enterprises.

Zhu Gongshan pointed out that for all enterprises, green and low carbon is no longer an option but a must. He said that in the past, the development of an enterprise was judged mainly by its scale and efficiency. In the future, it will mainly be judged by its green and low-carbon gold content.

Green and low-carbon competitiveness means hard-core technology plus life-cycle carbon emission reduction. The fundamental role of digitization lies in linking and efficiency, promoting business linkages and technology penetration among production factors and between industries. Digital technology is embedded in the operation links of various industrial chains and supply chains such as R&D, production, and logistics to achieve penetrating management, progressive analysis, and all-round control.

In 2023, the "Carbon Peak Action" covering industry, construction, transportation and other fields will be intensively implemented, and clean production evaluation of high energy consumption and high emission projects will become normal. Our heavy industrial production will replace traditional fossil fuels with clean energy and industrial waste heat. Our agriculture will replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides with cleaner production, and more green food will come from the field to the dining table. The construction industry will usher in a green age of ultra-low energy consumption and near zero energy consumption. Smart transportation, low-carbon travel, and electrification of transportation and logistics have entered our lives more and more.

Promoting the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality is not only an opportunity, but also a responsibility and a mission. Let us work together to build a new ecology of green and low-carbon development, to seek a brighter future with bluer skies, clearer waters, and greener mountains, and to contribute our green wisdom to building a community with a shared future for mankind.



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