For the First Time in History! China Creates a New World Record on the Efficiency of Silicon Solar Cells

On November 19, 2022, it is a historic day for photovoltaic HJT technology. On this day, the leading enterprise of the photovoltaic industry Longji Green Energy released a world record of 26.81% of the HJT solar cell efficiency.

‘Father of the World Solar’ and Professor Martin Green at the University of New South Wales announced on November 19th that the 26.81% solar cell efficiency of Longji Green Energy is the highest record of global silicon solar cells at present, regardless of technical routes. This is the latest world record that Japanese companies created single crystal silicon cells in 2017, which was born in five years. It is also the first time in the history of silicon cells created by Chinese solar technology companies in the history of photovoltaic technology companies.

"The same area, absorbing the same light, of course, the better the electricity can be sent." Li Zhenguo, the founder and president of Longji Green Energy, said that taking solar cells as an example, on the basis of 20% conversion efficiency, after calculation for every one percentage point of conversion efficiency, it can save more than 5% of the downstream power stations. Therefore, even if the cell conversion efficiency is increased by 0.01 percentage points, it is of great significance.

Looking forward to the future, from the perspective of carbon peak carbon neutralization, in 2030, the global new optical installation machine needs to reach 1500GW-2000GW, and it can be installed for 30 years to effectively support global energy transformation. Therefore, photovoltaic enterprises or industries should try to keep themselves from being influenced by the outside world, and return to the main tracks where the efficiency of solar cells is improved, such as strengthening the research and development of new materials and new technologies to improve the competitiveness of the photovoltaic industry and to promote the large-scale application of clean energy.


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