The Largest Silicon Material Order Refresh in History

On October 26, a new energy company in China recently signed a ‘Procurement Framework Contract’ with a customer. The contract stipulates that a customer is expected to purchase a total of 432,000 tons of primary polycrystalline silicon (solar grade no-clean silicon material) from 2023 to 2028. According to the latest (October 20, 2022) average price of 41584 USD /ton (tax included) for polycrystalline silicon dense materials, the estimated purchase amount is about 17.963 billion USD (tax included, this estimated price does not constitute a price commitment). Both parties agree that the actual purchase price will be negotiated on a monthly basis, and the purchase amount may fluctuate with the market price, but the actual purchase order shall prevail.

Recently, our REOO company took over a German customer and produced 8 stringers for this customer.

The automatic tabbing and stringing machine can automatically pick up the cell, test solar cell, automatically pull the soldering ribbon, automatically heat and solder the ribbon on solar cell, and serialing connect solar cell, then get the voltage and current as designed. The automatic tabbing and stringing machine is composed of mechanical transmission device, temperature control system, vacuum system, and PLC automatic control system.




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