Silicon material companies boom significantly

In a change from last week's downturn, the photovoltaic equipment sector rose 5.46% this week (February 14-February 18).

In industry, polysilicon companies have strong profit expectations, and many companies have expanded production. The overall quotation level of the silicon material segment continued to rise slightly, and the transaction price also rose slightly.

In the silicon material market, upstream prices continued to fluctuate, while downstream prices were limited. This week's upstream inquiries and transactions were relatively active. In order to meet downstream demand, wafer fabs actively purchased production demand and continued to increase wafer pulling operations. The overall quotation level of the silicon material segment continued to increase slightly. 

In terms of supply, the increase in the actual supply of silicon materials is limited. Although the supply in February has slightly increased month-on-month, at present, the overall new supply of silicon materials in the first quarter of this year is compared with the new demand in the wafer pulling process. Said, still not enough. The negotiation and order signing of silicon material in March started one after another, and it is expected to enter a more intensive negotiation cycle next week.


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