Silicon Price Updates in January 2022

Several new production capacity of silicon material companies have been put into operation at the beginning of 2022. As of this week, the overall silicon price decline slowed down and the decline continued to narrow. The mainstream price of dense materials has slowly dropped to USD 35.00/kg, and the transaction prices of leading manufacturers have gradually shown individual differentiation. Boosted by downstream demand, the price of individual silicon wafers continued to rebound slightly. 

Following the slight rebound in the price of 166mm/165μm monocrystalline silicon wafers last week, the mainstream transaction price of 182mm/165μm monocrystalline silicon wafers increased from USD 0.896/slice to USD 0.92/slice. 

The prices at current week are as following: 

  • M6: USD 0.165/W

  • M10: USD 0.169/W

  • G12: USD 0.162/W

  • Polycrystalline silicon wafer: USD 0.55/pc

Market demand in Europe and India increased in the first quarter, and the price this week stays stable as it was. The current prices are: 

  • 166 single glass: around USD 0.27-0.275/W

  • 500W+ single glass module: USD 0.275-0.28/W


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