Recent Price of solar panel and raw material

Recent Price of solar panel and raw material

Silicon material

Silicon material quotations continue to rise, and silicon material companies have successively signed market outlook orders. The downstream began to actively inquire and negotiate orders. According to the overall transaction order volume, the market demand for silicon materials did not decrease in February, and the transaction price rose slightly, with an increase of about 2 yuan/kg. At present, the average price of single crystal materials has risen to around 90 yuan/kg, and the mainstream price of single crystal materials has been raised to 86-92 yuan/kg, and some companies have even begun to sign orders in March. In terms of polycrystalline materials, the overall quotation has stabilized, with no obvious fluctuations in demand. The mainstream quotation is 54-60 yuan/kg, and the average price is stable at 57 yuan/kg. Due to the overall tight supply of silicon materials, the bargaining space for silicon materials has expanded, and the demand for overseas monocrystalline materials continues to improve. At present, the average price of silicon materials in overseas markets has reached 10.404 US dollars/kg, and the global average price of silicon materials has reached 11.387 US dollars/ kg. Observing the production, operation and shipment of silicon materials, the domestic silicon material supply chain volume continued to increase in January 2021 compared to December last year. After inspections and repairs by companies such as Yongxiang Co., Ltd., Ordos, and Inner Mongolia Dongli, monthly output has steadily increased. The domestic overall monthly output basically reached about 36,000 tons. As the new production capacity of downstream silicon wafer companies gradually landed, the stimulus for stocking during the Spring Festival holiday became more obvious, and the increased logistics pressure also supported silicon material orders, or promoted some silicon material orders to continue a slight upward trend.

Silicon wafer

The overall price of silicon wafers remained stable, and the demand for G1 wafers continued. After major monocrystalline silicon wafer companies announced that wafer pricing remained unchanged in January, most companies in the market followed suit. The overall wafer quotations remained stable, and wafer prices were still within control under market conditions where overall demand was weakening. Regarding monocrystalline silicon wafers, the recent demand for downstream G1 products shows no signs of weakening, which is transmitted to the overall supply chain, making the quotations of G1 wafers continue to be firm, and the average price of G1 wafers at home and abroad has remained stable at 0.425 US dollars per piece.

M6/M10/G12 size monocrystalline silicon wafers are currently balanced in production and sales, and prices continue to remain stable. The average price of M6 silicon wafers is 0.50usd/piece, the average price of M10 silicon wafers is 0.59 yuan/piece, and the average price of G12 silicon wafers is 0.85. Yuan/piece. However, in the face of the gradual upgrading of silicon materials, and the general demand for solar cells in addition to the G1 size, the overall market even has a trend of supply and demand. In terms of polycrystalline silicon wafers, the overall market supply and demand are temporarily stable. It is expected that prices will remain stable in the short term. At present, the average price of polycrystalline silicon wafers at home and abroad remains at US$0.193/piece.

solar cell

The cell quotations fluctuated slightly, and the price of M6/M10/G12 size cells fell. Large cell companies announced their cell prices in February, and other mainstream companies have not seen any significant price adjustments. However, second- and third-tier companies with weaker order-taking ability and bargaining power still made certain concessions at the time of transaction in order to maintain the order volume in February, pushing the price of M6 cells to continue to be revised, and the domestic and foreign average price was 0.121 U.S. dollars/W , A small amount of M6 cell products were sold at around 0.83 yuan/watt. On the other hand, although some companies are currently re-adjusting their products to produce G1 products, judging from the relatively tight stocking situation a year ago, the price of G1 cells continues to be stable, with an average price of 0.12 yuan/W at home and abroad. In terms of M10/G12 cells, the current production capacity is still climbing. Cell companies face transportation and epidemic pressures affecting purchases, and further product promotion and verification, the quotations have dropped slightly. The current average price of M10 cells is 0.14. USD/W, the average price of G12 cells is 0.15 USD/W. In terms of polycrystalline batteries, the quotation fluctuated slightly this week. Affected by the steady upstream quotation, the overall price has stabilized. The current domestic and overseas prices are the same as last week, with average prices at 0.53 yuan/W and 0.124 US dollars/W, respectively. On the whole, there is still room for the downside of cell prices in the market outlook.


Component prices have stabilized as a whole, and component companies mainly deliver on-hand orders. The enthusiasm for overall market demand continued, and the quotations remained stable as a whole, pushing the average price of 325-335W/395-405W monocrystalline modules to stabilize to US$0.212/W. The average price of 355-365/425-435W monocrystalline modules remained at US$0.226/W. This week, the quotations of M10 and G12 modules stopped falling and stabilized. The average price of the mainstream quotations of the two types of modules was 0.26/W. 

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