The cumulative installed capacity of Sungrow's surface solar equipment exceeded 900MW

(PV-Tech News) With the continuous increase in shipments in overseas solar energy markets in the first half of the year, as of June 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of Sungrow’s surface solar equipment exceeded 900MW globally, and continued to maintain the world’s leading shipment volume, the first floating solar industry. Of GW-level enterprises are about to be born.

Continue to lead the domestic market

Since 2016, the solar power surface solar system has been applied to large-scale floating solar projects in Lianghuai, Anhui, and Jining photovoltaic leader base in Shandong. After the "531 New Deal", parity online speeded up, domestic projects started slowly, many floating solar panel manufacturing machine companies were in a state of shutdown, and some companies even withdrew from the impact, and only a few strong companies survived.

Relying on its own factory with an annual production capacity of 800MW and experience in supplying large-scale floating projects, the Sunshine Floating Body iteratively floats solar technology, improves product competitiveness, and adjusts marketing strategies in a timely manner. Completed a large-scale floating project of nearly 200MW in Beijing, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi and other places, fully guaranteeing the progress of power station construction, and realizing all projects connected to the grid as scheduled.

Quickly seize overseas markets

Since the beginning of 2020, in the face of the global impact of the new crown epidemic, Sunshine Float has grown against the trend, and has achieved excellent results in this epidemic exam. In addition to winning orders for large-scale floating photovoltaic projects in East Asia and Southeast Asia, it has been in Europe, America and the Middle East , West Africa, South Africa and other emerging markets also frequently received orders. Customized system solutions that adapt to different application scenarios and adapt to local conditions, support strong production and supply capabilities, and achieve customer service concepts ensure the long-term benefit of customers and gain recognition and recognition from overseas customers.

Sunshine Float actively builds a high-quality supply chain, purchases high-quality raw materials, cooperates with international authoritative testing agencies, and conducts various tests through its own raw material research and development laboratory and product comprehensive testing laboratory to ensure product quality and product performance, and strive to be trustworthy Supplier of photovoltaic floating systems and solutions. Sunshine Float has a complete management system certification and rich experience in implementing large-scale floating photovoltaic projects at home and abroad. It has strong production capacity and guaranteed supply, and has the strength to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services to global customers for the stable operation of floating power stations. Escort.


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