HJT mass production efficiency will reach 24.2% this year?

On June 16, the 6th Solar Cell Slurry and 5G Filter Slurry Forum 2020 was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. A number of industry experts from across the country and representatives of solar panel plant gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on industry hot issues such as "Global and China PV Industry Outlook and Slurry Market Prospects". At the meeting, Wang Jilei, director of R&D of Jinneng Technology HJT, shared the progress of mass production technology and metallization process of high-efficiency heterojunction batteries.

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the solar energy  market, photovoltaic technology has developed rapidly. As a leader in the new generation of high-efficiency solar cells, heterojunction solar cells have received high attention in the industry due to their multiple advantages such as high conversion efficiency, large efficiency improvement space, strong power generation capacity, and short process flow. As the first domestic manufacturer to realize the mass production of heterojunction technology, Jinneng Technology has been constantly improving its own technology research and development level, insisting on using technological innovation to help industrial progress and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

At this meeting, Wang Jilei, director of R&D of Jinneng Technology HJT, shared the current technological progress of the company's high-efficiency heterojunction battery mass production. He said that by continuously increasing R&D investment and efforts, the average efficiency of Jinneng Technology's ultra-efficient heterojunction battery mass production has reached 23.85%, and it is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of 2020. Wang Jilei also added: "At present, we have optimized the process flow of silicon wafers, texturing, cleaning, metallization, etc., so that the efficiency and yield of products have been steadily improved; while the new HJT products with 166 silicon wafers, MBB, and half-cell technology, double The coverage rate is as high as 93%, and the comprehensive power on both sides reaches 530W."

At present, under the vigorous promotion of the energy production and consumption revolution and the continuous promotion of energy technology innovation, Jinneng Technology actively integrates into the overall situation of the energy revolution, vigorously develops clean energy, and adheres to the technological strategy of iterative development to achieve breakthrough progress in cutting-edge technology , Will contribute wisdom to global energy transformation and upgrading.


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