Loctite ABLESTIK ICP 8000 serial adhesive for solar panel manufacturing

Henkel Adhesive Electronics has developed a series of ECA (Conductive Adhesives) products, which are specially designed to assist solar panel production lines with low cost, improved reliability and high process adaptability. Loctite ABLESTIK ICP 8000 series conductive adhesives are specifically designed to improve module performance and adapt to assembly processes including battery interconnect ribbon welding and shingled solar modules.

Due to the emergence of thinner silicon wafers and new solar cell designs, the solar cell process is facing more and more challenges, and the battery interconnect materials need to be updated. This situation, coupled with the cost pressure faced by solar panel manufacturers and the continuous increase in the output power requirements of the components, has continuously promoted the development of the latest series of Henkel company's next-generation conductive adhesives.

Loctite ABLESTIK ICP 8000 series products are conductive adhesive series products specially designed for solar cell interconnection and component performance improvement. With extremely low cost per watt, Henkel's new conductive adhesive has become one of the most economical materials on the market. The product formulation also brings excellent process and performance characteristics, including compatibility with silicon wafers with a thickness of less than 160 μm; the ability to achieve rapid printing and dispensing at speeds above 200mm per second; and at 110°C Fully cured within 20 seconds in a low-temperature environment up to 150°C, so as to achieve maximum UPH (output per hour), and improve online testing and increase production.

For the two solar cell interconnect technologies of shingled and ribbon, Henkel's new materials can provide a more flexible solution than welding, absorbing stresses related to CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) mismatch. Improve reliability. Loctite's ABLESTIK ICP 8000 series of materials can be adapted to all battery structures, including PERC, n-PERC, JHT and third-generation photovoltaic cells, and has been marketed in all regions of the world.

Loctite ABLESTIK ICP 8000 series material products can be applied to the battery interconnection soldering process: it realizes stable guidance under the condition of silicon wafer thickness less than 160μm, and is designed for the use of silver, tin and tin-lead soldering strips. The product can achieve a high tensile force of 1.2N/mm or more, a printing speed of 200+ mm/sec, a curing speed of less than 30 seconds at 120°C and less than 10 seconds at 150°C in all common types of ribbons The curing speed makes the 8000 series products suitable for heterojunction solar cells and third-generation solar cell structures. For shingled solar modules, this 8000 series product can achieve a dispensing speed of 200+ mm/sec, a curing speed of less than 30 seconds at 120°C and a curing speed of less than 10 seconds at 150°C, It can be optimized in the tools used by equipment vendors.


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