The first 220 kV solar power plant in Yantai, Shandong was completed and put into operation

"Tushan Shengyang A1-A29 solar power generation units are all connected to the grid and operating normally." On June 23, as the operator successfully completed a series of operational tasks in accordance with the Yantai Power Grid Dispatching Instructions, Yantai City’s first 220 kV Tushan Shengyang Fu The power station was officially put into operation. The Tushan Shengyangfu Hydropower Station is located in Tushan Town, Laizhou, Yantai City, covering an area of more than 3,000 acres. The project pond is wide, the light resources are rich and unobstructed, and it has huge development potential. The total installed capacity of the photovoltaic power station is 120 MW, which is boosted by 29 photovoltaic inverter units, and then connected to the 35 kV bus through four 35 kV power collection lines, and connected to 220 through the 220 kV Shengli line. Kv Yueli Substation.

The construction of this solar power plant conforms to the development direction of the national energy reform and has received strong support from the state. After the solar power plant is put into operation, it can provide about 161 million yuan of power generation per year. Compared with thermal power plants, it can save about 50,000 tons of standard coal every year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 32.3 tons, and reduce the amount of slag and waste gas. Emissions have played a leading and demonstrating role in improving the atmospheric environment, protecting the natural ecology, and making full use of resources. The photovoltaic power plant is equipped with a 12 MWh energy storage unit, which lays the foundation for the sustainable operation of photovoltaic power generation. It is the first photovoltaic power plant equipped with an energy storage unit in the province.

Yantai Power Grid's site adjustment staff strictly controlled the quality during the pre-acceptance inspection of the power station, and organized field inspections such as dispatch, operation inspection, and development to take on-site inspection + rectification and re-inspection + provincial adjustment final inspection. While ensuring that the power station is put into operation in time, it will ensure its zero-defect grid connection.

At present, Yantai has 6 photovoltaic power plants including Fushan Huili Huadian and Zhaoyuan Energy Saving that are put into operation on the grid. After the operation of the Tushan Shengyang PV Power Station, the total installed capacity of the solar power generation unit has doubled to 239 MW, which greatly eases the Yantai area. During the peak load period, the power supply is tight, and the provision of energy storage enriches the grid peak shaving methods, and further promotes the development of clean energy. In the next step, Yantai Power Supply Company will increase communication and cooperation with new energy enterprises, actively promote the continuous implementation of new energy power generation projects such as photovoltaic and wind power, transform green and clean energy into an important driving force for economic development, and continue to provide reliable use for residents in the power supply. Electricity and high-quality services help navigation.


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