HJT solar cell and solar panel production line efficiency will get 24.2% in this year

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the solar panel market, solar technology has developed 

rapidly. As a leader in the new generation of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, heterojunction solar cells have received high attention in the industry due to their multiple advantages such as high conversion efficiency, large efficiency improvement space, strong power generation capability, and short process flow.

The average production efficiency of China's solar cell company's ultra-efficient heterojunction battery has reached 23.85%, and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of 2020. By optimizing the process flow of silicon wafer, texturing, cleaning, metallization, etc., the product efficiency and yield have been steadily improved; and the new HJT product with 166 silicon wafer, MBB, half-chip technology has a double-sided rate of 93%, double-sided The total power of solar panel reaches 530W. "


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