What is the difference between photovoltaic panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline?

You know what? At present, solar power is mainly the dominant market of monocrystalline, The last few years are polycrystalline, Why do these changes happen? Let me briefly analyze the following:
Solar cells are semiconductor devices that convert solar radiation directly into electrical energy based on the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors. The monocrystalline and polycrystalline manufacturing process is different and the composition is different, but the final product (solar panel) is the same. The difference between the previous two is that the photoelectric conversion rate is different. Monocrystalline has always been more efficient than polycrystalline conversion, Even in the lab, this is the case.
In addition, the material of monocrystalline is better than of the polycrystalline, not easily damaged in the production process; In addition to the appearance, the monocrystalline is usually monochromatic (usually blue and black). The polycrystalline color is very mixed, and it has a monochromatic blue color, It also has color.
At the price, The normal monocrystalline will be higher than the polycrystalline, The production cost of polycrystalline is far lower than that of monocrystalline, and the yield of polycrystalline is far greater than that of monocrystalline. But this is just relative to the previous years. Now, with the improvement of production technology, the demand for high efficiency conversion is expanding. Drive the whole monocrystalline production chain, The price of monocrystalline is equal to that of polycrystalline.
So, monocrystalline is superior to polycrystalline from all aspects, Moreover, At present the monocrystalline development of conversion efficiency and flexibility is constantly developing. the highest-efficiency up to 26%, The flexibility is getting better and better, So in recent years semi-flexible solar panel is more and more widely using.


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