Soldering ribbon

 Solar cell soldering ribbon

About PV Ribbon:

PV ribbon is composed of Copper and coating alloys, and divided into Tabbing Ribbon and Bus bar ribbon.

  • Tabbing Ribbon: it is commonly connects the positive and negative sides of the cells in series.
  • Bus bar Ribbon: it is concentrate the cell stringing into junction box and channels electrical current.
Product Description

Features and Applications:   

The item (tin coated copper welding ribbon) is based on size of Width*Thickness: 1.5*0.2 mm (it also can be 1.5-2.5mm * 0.08-0.25mm as your option),

sale as per lot, 2kgs/lot.

if you want buy more or less quantity, pls contact us, we will correct the price and freight cost for you. 


1) welding ribbon for big power solar panel:

Copper base electrician Park copper (TR line) rolling or T2 copper tape slitting 
Copper substrate resistivity ρ ≤ 0.0172Ωmm2 / m
Solder Composition 62% Sn36% Pb2% Ag; 60% Sn40% Pb; 96.5% Sn3.5% Ag (Bi optional)
The thickness of the tin layer 10μm-40μm, sided uniform
Thickness deviation ≤ 0.008
Width deviation the rolled products ≤ 0.1mm; slitting Commodities ≤ 0.005mm
Elongation the soft state ≥ 20%; semi-soft state ≥ 15%
Specifications width 1.5mm-2.5mm; thickness 0.08mm-0.25mm. (here is 1.5*0.2 mm) 
Packaging cardboard, " I shape" wheel, box
Suitable for DIY solar cell and solar panel, also suitable for machine automatic welding middle without decapitation; crop for customers Length carton packaging

2) welding ribbon for epoxy solar panel etc. mini solar panel: 



3) Bus-bar for big power solar panel:




soldering ribbon


soldering ribbon


soldering ribbon


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