Solar Cell Tabbing And String Machine


Solar Cell Tabbing And String Machine


Product Description



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Related Parameters

1) Suitable for 5’,6’ square cells and cutting cells(the cutting cells’ minimum width is 30mm

2) Special designs for the cutting cells

3) The parameters can be set optionally by the touch screen

4) 4-way arm rotating turn-table can load different shapes of cutting cells to meet the different requirements on connection

5) For the same busbar cells,only changing the cells’ width,the setting time is less than 20 minutes

6) For the different busbar cells,the setting time is changing the cells’ type is less than 30 minutes

7) High flexibility for various cells

8) The number of solar cells for the strings is settable by the touch screen

9) The number of wanted cell strings is settable

10) Adjustable range of the gap of the cells is 2 to 30mm

11) Operation reliable,less maintenance required

12) Simple operation,only need one day for training

13) Only one worker for two machines.



Soldering capacity

Can soldering 600 pcs of solar cell per hour

Cell dimension



Cell thickness

From 160 micron and up


Ribbon sizes

Width is 1.6~2.0mm,Thickness is 0.12~0.23mm





Cell basket capacity

Four baskets system to load up to 100pcs each,total 400 pcs


Operation control

PLC touch screen


Soldering technology

IR light


Soldering light life



Soldering temperature


Input power



Input power



Average power



Compressed air

≥0.5Mpa clean & dry air


Detailed Images





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More detailed operation, please click here:

Packing & Delivery


1) All the equipment, tools, accessories and goods are suitably packed. 
2) All packages are liable to be opened for customs' examination. 
3) All the packages are designed to facilitate.
4) Each package has the printed shipment information.

Delivery time:
Around 15-25 days after received the advance payment.


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Our Services


We arrande our engineers to buyer’s factory to install machine.

All expenditure on travel, food,accommodation and transportation of our engineers/ technicians for installation will be borne by buyer. REOO company borne the salary of engineer/technicians.

We supply both overseas and local training to the engineers and technicians on operation and maintenance.
Buyer borne air tickets, lodging, food and training material .



Operational and maintenance manuals of all equipment is in English, along with a soft copy in a CD
(compatible version: MS Word/ PDF).


Raw material:
We supply all the material for production solar panel from China for trial production and formal production,
buyer pay for the cost.



Our Company

REOO Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer for solar panel assembly production line in China. We
have 9 years history to manufacture all size of laminator also whole of production line. We have a great deal of experience for design, manufacturing, shipping, installation, commissioning and training for solar panel production line . We have exported many of production line to other countries. This specification include design, manufacturing, shipping, testing and commissioning of assembling plant of solar panel on turn key basis. The assembling plant should have a production capacity of 1 MW/year considering 80% uptime and single shift of operation.




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