Solar panel raw material

  • Solar panel junction box
Solar panel junction box

Solar panel junction box

  • TUV certificated
  • Waterprrof: IP67
  • Basic raw m aterial: PPO
  • Rated voltage: 1500V
  • Product description: junction box, junctiob box, jb

Product Overview

The junction box of solar panel provide the convenient, safe and reliable connect method to customers. This type of junction box is suitable to the connection of solar panel.


Operating voltage: 1000VDC and 600V  Operating current: 15A

Number of diode: 6*HY12SQ045

Insulation material: PPO/PA

Operating temperature: -40~+85°C
Connecting resistance: ≤3mΩ

Model number: 4

Conductor material: red copper

Protection class: class II

Waterproof: IP67

Solar cable: 4mm2

Size: 137*131*23.8

Main characteristics

The junction box has the strong abilities of anti-aging and anti-UV;

Meet the usage requirements of the outdoor harsh environment;

The method of inserting and puller applies for solar cable connection;

Different installed diodes could change the maximum operating current of junction box.

Inspection items of JM828 Junction box

Overall Appearance

Smooth appearanceuniform colorno mechanical damageno distortion&twistno pollutiongood connecting between cable and connectorno breakagecorrect sticking of sigh ‘+’  ‘-’

Visual inspection

Base and shell connection

Entirely completely perfectly buckled

Visual inspection

Pouring sealant


Completely solidified

Visual inspection

Soldering quality

The surface of 4 touch points on the base should have good reflect.Soldering without negative phenomena like inter space,dirt,solder skips and so on.

Visual inspection

Diode characteristic

               Diode parameters

Transistor curve tracer

Connector self-locking


Push&push tester

Connector contact resistance


High stability milliohmmeter

Withstand between live parts and shells

6.5KV no puncture

Withstanding voltage tester

wire resistance


High stability milliohmmete

Nut steady forceconnector

Use the force distance of 0.35Nm for 1 minute,no apparent rotation

Torque spanner

Crimping force between wire and Metal terminals

315-550N half roll≥500N full roll

Push&push tester

Loading test

DC 12A

Terminal tester

Waterproof test


IP special test equipment

Diode temperature rise test

Up to the IEC61215 standard

DC stable voltage power supply

Tensile test

Joint strength between cable and shell: 200Ndisplacement/min≤2mm

Push&push tester


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